User experiences Open Socket

More and more people switch to the innovative Open Socket. On this page you find several examples of prosthesis users, telling about their experiences with the Open Socket.


Naomi telling about her experiences with the Tweezer prosthesis and the Open Socket technology.

Name: Naomi
Cause arm deficiency: congenital
Prosthesis terminal device: Tweezer
Prosthesis control: Shoulder strap
Socket type: Open Socket



Karin telling about her experiences with the Open Socket and her elbow controlled hand.

Name: Karin
Cause of amputation: accident
Prosthesis terminal device: Active hand
Prosthesis control: Elbow control
Socket type: Open Socket


Dhr. Nissen

Dhr. Nissen telling about his experiences with the Open Socket and his cosmetic hand prosthesis.

Name: Dhr. Nissen
Cause of amputation: congenital
Prosthesis terminal device: Cosmetic hand
Prosthesis control: None
Socket type: Open Socket