Tweezer NEW!

Meet the Tweezer! Speed, reliability and functionality gathered in a elegant and colorful design! The Tweezer prosthetic hook  is developed by the Delft University of Technology, in cooperation with rehabilitation centers in The Netherlands. The Tweezer was tested over a long time, by a number of children. Recently the Tweezer has become available for everybody.

Many tasks can be performed fast and accurate by using the Tweezer. Tying the laces of your shoes is done within seconds.


Fietsen met de Tweezer, de hippe handporthese

The Tweezer enables safe cycling with a prosthetic arm. The handlebar can be held with two hands, without the need of modificating it.


Let your child play

The Tweezer offers your child the possibility of playing without any concern. The Tweezer is quite tough.  It is resistant to sand and water.  It can be easiliy cleaned by simply rinsing it off with tap water. The Tweezer is very reliable. It is seldom broken. The Tweezer is ideal for use at school. Working and playing, tinkering and gymnastics, it all can be done by using the Tweezer.

Spelen met de Tweezer arm prothese


De Tweezer kun je gewoon afspoelen onder de kraan, de hippe handprothese

Choose your favorite color

Each Tweezer has its own trendy covering. The covering is made of flexible plastic and is available in multiple colors. Choose your favorite color, or combine two different colors. You can easily change the flexible covering of your own Tweezer. Adapt the color of your Tweezer to your outfit, or to your mood.

De Tweezer is in meerdere kleuren leverbaar, de hippe handprothese


The Tweezer is easy to operate. The required activation force is very low. Therefore children can operate the Tweezer in a comfortable way. The Tweezer opens and closes very fast. Also it is very accurate. This makes the Tweezer suitable for a broad range of tasks and daily activities.



  • Trendy and smooth design
  • Available in different colors
  • Smooth transition form wrist to arm
  • Control cable is not visible
  • No more wear of your clothes
  • Friction wrist enables full wrist-rotation
  • Sand- an waterproof

Technical specifications:

  • Available in two sizes: WAP08 and WAP12
  • Mass, including friction wrist: 120 g (WAP08), 160 g (WAP12)
  • Opening width: 50 mm (WAP08), 60 mm (WAP12)
  • Length: 102 mm (WAP08), 115 mm (WAP12)
  • Wrist diameter: 32 mm (WAP08), 37 mm (WAP12)