The WILMER Open Socket

Imagine yourself, wearing plastic shoes during a warm day. Your feet will start sweating soon. Skin irritation and an unpleasant smell will be the result. Many people with an arm prostheses
face the same problem, when wearing their prostheses. Most of the below elbow prostheses equiped with a conventional ‘Münster’ fitting. This type of plastic fitting fully encloses the residual arm, including a large part of the elbow. The covered skin cannot breath. This causes perspiration problems and skin irritation, especially when the whether is hot.

The solution is a fitting that breathes, the ‘WILMER Open Socket.’ This Open Socket leaves 75% of the skin uncovered. In this way the skin can breath freely. The arm remains cool and free of perspiration problems.


Armprothese met de WILMER Open Fitting

Prosthetic arm with a WILMER Open Socket,

no more perspiration problems!




The Open Socket enables easy donning and doffing. The Open Socket is opened and closed by an adjustable lock, which can be adjusted by the user. The adjustable lock offers the user several advantages, compared to conventional fitting techniques:
- The user is able to adjust the fitting, so that it fits optimal, every time of the day.
- The fitting fits optimal, even when a child grows, or when the volume of the residual arm
- Even children are now able to don and dof their prosthesis, easy and independently.
- No sleeve is needed when donning the prosthesis.



Open fitting armprothese

The Open Fitting has a stainless steel frame and an adjustable lock


The Open Socket was developed by the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, being the result of a precise force analysis. The socket has a lightweight stainless steel frame, covered by a soft foam layer. The Open Socket is strong and lightweight. This new fitting technique has even more benefits:
- The Open Socket guarantees a secure and comfortable fitting.
- No plaster cast is needed, for the fitting of the Open Socket.
- The Open Socket is also suitable for fitting in case of a very short below elbow residual limb!


Wilmer blauwe open fitting

The Open Fitting is available in every desired color

The Open Socket is available in many fresh colors. Your prosthetist can inform you about the available colors. Pick your favorite color! The socket is also available in many different skin tones.


The Open Socket is suited both for adults and children with a short below elbow residual limb (congenital or acquired deficiency). The Open Socket is also suitable for a very short below elbow
residual limb (~3cm).

More and more people choose the Open Socket. Listen to the experiences of one of the users of the Open Socket:





The Open Fitting is currently available through multiple specialized centers in The Netherlands:

  • Orthopedietechniek De Hoogstraat, Utrecht
  • St. Maartenskliniek, Nijmegen
  • POM, Nijmegen
  • Erasmus Medisch Centrum, Rotterdam
  • LIVIT Orthopedie, Leiden
  • UMCG, Groningen
  • OIM, Haren
  • Roessingh, Enschede
  • Multiple LIVIT locations (contact).

  • Orthopedie Thuer, Deurne, Belgium
  • Other locations in Belgium are possible, after consultation (contact).

Questions? Please contact us: contact